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Canadian Search Engine Marketing has been providing search engine optimization submission strategy and site evaluation services since 1995. Our clients have ranged from leading Canadian portals to small businesses world wide and in the Toronto area.

It has been our experience that search engine optimization starts with the first keystroke used to begin development or re-development of the website. To that end site evaluations are the first step in the optimization and re-development process. By accessing what presently is working and what isn't you begin the process of setting goals.

These goals, and the purpose of the site should be the foundation for all design development and content choices in the optimization and development process. By starting with a plan based on goals you have a clear path to follow in this process. You have a set of criteria in order to base your decisions. This will save time and money in the end.

Our site evaluation starts with a complete indexing of your site using our spider, Tmeister. Instead of guessing what a search engine sees while traversing the site we know because Tmeister has been programmed to respond in the same way a search engine would while indexing your site.

Tmeister provides a report which identifies visibility and optimization problems stemming from site and link architecture and optimizing of HTML elements. These are areas that many "conventional" SEO firms are weak on and are often the reason that sites have issues being found in Search Engine results. Human review is time consuming and labor intensive. We just look at the structure of every page and identify strengths and weakness based on the content. It is all in a single report for easy comparisons of page elements and attributes.

The report also identifies broken links and image paths so it is very conducive to testing a site for readiness for launch and submission or re-submission. This automated method of site evaluation is one of the reasons our service is so valuable. Hours of work is reduced to an hr. of time analyzing the analysis from the indexing. To aid in the site evaluation every page in the report paints a picture of its worthiness as an optimization candidate. Our automated site evaluation clearly identifies optimization candidates and content development needs.

This type of site evaluation provides a "big picture" of your optimization and needs. Combining this with your goals, what constitutes conversion and the purpose of your site provides us with sound criteria to prepare your RFP and review of SEO proposals based on known wants rather than "perceived" needs.

Contact us by email at info@Canadian Search Engine Marketing.com or phone 416.638.4148 for information about our SEO recommendation and RFP consulting services.

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