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Terry Van Horne, AKA Webmaster T has been providing search engine optimization and submission services since 1996. His clients have ranged from leading Canadian portals to small businesses world wide and in the Toronto area. Canadian Search Engine Marketing is his first SEO venture since 1998, a new approach to Search Engine Marketing & SEO Consulting.

In 1998 Terry Van Horne the owner of and chief search engine marketing strategist for CaSEM realized his success and the cost of his services had become too expensive for many small sites. His current rate for optimization is more than most can afford.

Terry is a big supporter of small businesses online and he really disliked having to turn these entrepreneurs away so he began development of a program which would emulate the optimization and submission methods he has been using for years. Terry realize the spider and campaign management software developed for monitoring and reviewing members of SeoPros directory could also enable smaller sites access to quality SEO's and campaign maintenance tools.

The result of this is SecretAgent the first remote technology service to provide an end to end package of campaign tracking, link development and search engine submission and optimization analysis tools. SecretAgent integrates what is currently available in a host of small standalone products into a powerful tracking and analysis tool. Because these are integrated the campaign reports are easier to manage and write. Information gathered from one source or program can be shared among the others when needed for analysis or report writing.

SecretAgent is powered by TMeister a UserAgent compliant spider that analyzes robot.txt files, site and link architecture, site readiness for submission (broken link and image paths), head elements and keyword Meta data.

SecretAgent is a search engine friendly program which always treats the search engine resources it is accessing with respect. SecretAgent enables CaSEM to provide services to any organization big or small.

SecretAgent is a totally brandable tool. Large organizations such as ISPs, hosting services, private website developers and SEOs' can implement the branding of the program so it appears SecretAgent isn't a third party application but an in house service.

The SEO consultants in the SeoPros directory are following the Organizations "best practices" standards. Terry was involved in the development of the directory and is pleased to be able to bundle the directory with SecretAgent making it the only remote, full service, end to end application available.

Contact us by email at info@Canadian Search Engine Marketing.com or phone 416.638.4148 for information about our SEO recommendation and RFP consulting services.

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