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Our staff and manager, Terry Van Horne, have developed a set of questions and discussion topics we feel enable us to get a good idea of the capabilities, ethics and techniques used by the SEO consultants we interview. We have the knowledge of SEO services to evaluate proposals fairly. We determine your needs and write an RFP that is based on these specific optimization and submission needs. We provide an RFP with criteria for conversion and services requested.

Choosing a reputable and effective SEO consultant or search engine registration service is paramount to the success of any search engine marketing campaign. Choosing an SEO firm or consultant is a time consuming task. References and results from past and current campaigns should be evaluated by professionals to access the keywords chosen by the SEO consultants. These are used to target the best audience providing the highest conversion. We also track the maintenance required to maintain positions once achieved.

We can provide real time results because all SEO consultants in our recommendation service have a minimum of 3 campaigns enrolled in our results certification and monitoring program. We monitor the SEO consultants and firms to verify that the rating provided is real time and reflects the current practices and effectiveness of the campaigns enrolled.

Our SEO Consultant interviews include discussion of optimization and search engine registration techniques and strategies. We discuss:

  • the size of the SEO firm (retained client base)
  • how long has the firm or consultant been online
  • how long has the firm or consultant been providing SEO services
  • number of Seo consultants and support staff
  • special partnerships they have with search engines for XML feeds and Inclusion programs
  • what other search engine optimization related services such as reciprocal link development and management does the firm or consultant provide
  • specialized topics or categories of sites and/or types of sites the SEO will not promote
  • special skills such as programming for dynamic or data driven sites
  • understanding of search engine submission content guidelines (posted to site and in public domain)
  • forums, discussion lists and publications they receive and participate in
  • backend campaign services such as log analysis and ROI tracking
  • campaign reporting services
  • Reviews of backlinks and other indicators of the firms compliance to SeoPros "best practices" standards

We developed the services below because of the demand we perceived from businesses discouraged by SEO consultant services that continually provide less than stellar results. Our expertise in the services available and our ability to determine your needs make the services below the first step to a successful optimization and search engine registration campaign.

RFP Proposal Review and Writing: Information on our methods for writing, reviewing  and distributing your RFP to reputable and effective SEO consultants and firms. Our manager has extensive knowledge of writing RFP's. He was very involved in both the questions and SEO services included and programming of the RFP services on SeoPros.org.

Choosing An SEO Consultant: Information on our methods for choosing SEO consultant candidates. There are many ways to evaluate firms but it is our feeling ongoing monitoring of SEO campaigns provides the best indication of a firms suitability. We look at campaigns that are similar in conversion and required SEO expertise.

SEO Recommendation Services: CaSEM provides you with a list of SEO firms and consultants who meet your needs based on our site evaluation and your input about your business.

Contact us by email at info@Canadian Search Engine Marketing.com or phone 416.638.4148 for information about our SEO recommendation and RFP consulting services.

SEO Consultant RFP and Recommendation Services
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