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RFP Writing

Our staff and manager, Terry Van Horne, will prepare an RFP to submit after consultation with you to ascertain your SEO needs. We will discuss what your goals are, what constitutes conversion (meeting a goal), budget, and present marketing initiatives. This enables you to track your campaign and the Seo Consultants results from a pre-determined set of criteria.

Each site has a different criteria for conversion. Sometimes it's just raw traffic, other times it may be requesting a particular document, service or product. The SEO needs this clearly spelled out in the RFP if the SEO consultant is to be successful.

Based on this consultation we prepare an RFP that clearly states exactly what services are being requested, how the services are to be implemented and the time frame and budget for each service requested.

RFP Distribution and Proposal Review Services

Terry Van Horne our search engine optimization specialist is a Founding Member of SeoPros.org an Organization of Search Engine Optimization and marketing consultants seeking to create a standard for "best practices" within the SEO industry. Terry reviews all proposals and staff research for final selection list of SEO Consultants.

SeoPros has a directory of SEO consultants. The SEO consultants in the directory are following the "best practices" standards. Terry was involved in the development of the directory and RFP services. Our understanding of the proposed services in an RFP enables our staff to assist in the best choice for your purposes. The knowledge Terry has gained through administering the RFPgenerator and feedback from clients of SeoPros is shared with our staff and used extensively in this review process. Our staff is also familiar with all of the resources available to get your RFP to as many "reputable" firms as possible.

Contact us by email at info@Canadian Search Engine Marketing.com or phone 416.638.4148 for further information and costs of our SEO recommendation and RFP consulting services.

SEO Consultant RFP and Recommendation Services
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