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Choosing the SEO Consultant Candidates?

Canadian Search Engine Marketing vendors recommendation services are SEO consultants and companies that have meant our criteria for professionalism, following standards for "best practices" and are included in our SEO campaign monitoring program. This program monitors the keywords chosen and the results from those choices. Using a metric which is calculated based on the "competitiveness" of the term chosen, to the positions maintained and achieved on the supported engines.

This provides our recommendation service a basis for evaluating the quality of the optimization services these vendors are offering. By basing this evaluation on campaign results and not human reviews an unbiased evaluation of a service can be determined.

Combining this evaluation with reference checks and your recommendation consultant's interviews CaSEM will provide you with a list of SEO's who meet the criteria for services needed to meet the goals identified in the campaign strategy you, and your CaSEM consultant identified in your intial consultation.

Contact us by email at info@Canadian Search Engine Marketing.com or phone 416.638.4148 for information about our SEO recommendation and RFP consulting services.

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