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Choosing the SEO Consultant Candidates?

Our staff and manager, Terry Van Horne, have developed a set of questions and discussion topics we feel enable us to get a good idea of the capabilities, ethics and techniques used by the SEO consultants we interview.

We use the information gathered in the RFP process and Seo consultants interview to match your needs to the services provided by the SEOs'. We have tracked past performance and monitored past work provided for us through the campaign tools we provide and/or we have interviewed a random list of clients.

Each site has a different criteria for conversion. Sometimes it's just raw traffic, other times it may be requesting a particular document, or sales of a service or product. The SEO needs the skills to understand what you are converting and why.

Based on this consultation we prepare a list of candidates providing all the services you need. We have evaluated the SEO Consultants skills and services so you are comparing apples to apples and can base your decision on who you are comfortable working with, you won't have to compare services provided or techniques used. We do that for you. Our SEO Consulting service continues to work with and monitor the work performed on your behalf.

Contact us by email at info@Canadian Search Engine Marketing.com or phone 416.638.4148 for information about our SEO recommendation and RFP consulting services.

SEO Consultant RFP and Recommendation Services
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