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Canadian Search Engine Marketing no longer "implements" optimization of websites. Our expertise is in site evaluation and submission & optimization strategy development. Terry Van Horne our chief search engine strategist has been optimizing and researching SEO since 1996. He has taught web development and internet marketing classes in adult training schools in the Toronto area. Having done search engine optimization of everything from enterprise or portal to SOHO (small office home office) sites he is uniquely equipped to work with your staff to develop a winning optimization and submission strategy for your site.

Our optimization strategies have been proven to not only achieve top placements, they have been proven to provide lasting results. A yardstick which is the only true measure of quality search engine optimization and submission techniques. Because we don't follow the herd using the same techniques as most Seo consultants our results last and are seldom negatively affected by changing algorithms for SEO spam. Usually, as search engines clean the spam out of the SERPs' our sites rise.

Our optimization and submission services provide the foundation for successful optimization and website announcing campaigns. We begin by evaluating the site and link architecture. We are analyzing the visibility of the site and optimization levels. Visibility is just a fancy term for "we use a spider to see what a search engine sees as it indexes your website".

Then we do the keyword research. The tools we have developed enable us to not only determine what users are searching for and how they are doing it, we track them to evaluate monthly and seasonal trends for future and seasonal content development. No other tool, to our knowledge, does this.

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